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Want people to see your ad? Actually see your ad? If you answered, “Yes,” you’re in the right place! We don’t want anyone to place ads on crappy pages that people rarely visit, or don’t visit for long. Instead, we display your ad on almost EVERY page of our site (run-of-site or ROS ads). Our popular ad sizes are also responsive/mobile friendly. Meaning, your ad will look great on any device! All ads are clickable but we don’t charge by the “click.” We don’t charge by CPA, CTR, CPM, CPC, CPT, or CPL. With our cheap flat rate fees you’ll get unlimited clicks for one low monthly price (CPD)! Advertise With Us Now! Bonus: We translate over 60 different languages to make it easier for consumers to visit us globally!

Low Budget Media Buying, Cheap Unlimited Traffic, Beginner’s Luck

If you’re on a low budget, looking for cheap ad prices, or new to the media buying industry, this is the perfect site for you. Getting unlimited organic website traffic is simple to do. Advertise with us! Our popular ad sizes are affordable and easy to purchase with our DIY order page. Simply choose your ad space (if available), provide your email (for our use only), enter your website url, upload the appropriate ad image size, preview your ad, then you’re on your way to getting the traffic you deserve!


Our rates can change daily, according to the number of viewers we currently get per day. Please feel free to check our Google Analytics Stats anytime. We charge by the month, so if you want to lock in a great rate, we suggest you purchase up to 3 months in advance. Otherwise, you will have to renew at our most current rate which could be much higher.

Our Ad Sizes

BestWishes Ad

Ad Zones

The image above reflects how the ads will display on desktops,  laptops, tablets, and other devices with a large screen. However, on mobile phones the ads are displayed in this order: Header Banner, Left Zone #1, Left Zone #2, Left Zone #3, Left Zone #4, Right Zone #1, Right Zone #2, Right Zone #3, Right Zone #4, Footer Ad. The Header Banner is the most expensive ad space because it is always displayed first on all devices, and it is a large banner ad on mobile devices. The Left Zone is displayed before the Right Zone on mobile devices, therefore, the Left Zone is more expensive than the Right Zone although the ad spaces in those two zones are the same size. The parallax ad displays in the center of all our popular blog posts, which are amazing articles on a large variety of interesting topics. We currently have 40 blog post pages, with more to come, and the parallax ad displays in two locations on longer posts. It also displays on our very popular Kiss or Dismiss page, which is about romantic relationships and offers The Couple Test and Rekindle the Flame Plan for free.

How To Place Your Ad

For your convenience, you can place and renew your own ad with our automated ad placement service! Simply choose your ad size and placement, check for availability, create your ad, agree to our policies, then wait for your ad to be approved. Your ad will be reviewed by admin to assure that it abides by our policies, but that is usually a quick process. After your ads are paid and approved, you will receive an email containing a link for you to view and monitor the full statistics of your ad’s performance in real time until your ad campaign expires. All of our ad spaces rotate 10 ads per minute, except the parallax which currently holds one static image. Therefore, if visitors spend at least 15 minutes on our site, your ad may be viewed 15 times by each visitor!

First Come, First Serve

If your preferred ad space is full, please email us using the contact form below, and we will inform you of when it will be available for rent. Using the ad guide above, please include the exact location of the ad space. Ad spaces cannot be reserved, and are on a first come, first serve basis.

Most Cost Effective Way

Purchasing 3 months in advance is the best way to purchase your ad spaces to guarantee consistent ad display for the lowest price. Therefore, if our rates change, you will not be charged more for ad space(s) that you previously purchased before the price change took place. For example, if you purchase ad spaces for 2 or 3 months in advance and the rates are raised for those ad spaces during that time period, the higher rates will not apply to you until your ad campaign(s) expire and you purchase those ad spaces again. Purchasing more in advance is the best way to secure the best rates for your ad campaign.

Please use the link below to place your ads. See the ads rotating on this page? Your ads could easily display here too! Advertise With Us Now!

Need to contact us? Please email us: admin@bestwishes.vip (or simply use contact form below)

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